A QUIRKY commuter has caught the eye of motorists — as he rides a unicycle all over Bury.

The long-haired rider has even fitted a brake light to his vehicle and is the talk of the town.

Whitefield driving instructor Phil Hall, of Pips Driving School, said: "I thought I was seeing things this morning — it's a unicycle with lights.

"I'm not sure how you brake, other than by falling off."

On Facebook, Martin Eriksson said: "I see him all the time near Newbank (Garden Centre in Bury Road, Radcliffe)." and Matt Clare said: "I see him all over the place."

Mr Clare added: "Maybe he rides the unicycle so his long hair doesn't drag on the floor.

"I want to see what he does at traffic lights and how he gets started again in traffic."

Dave Brown added: "At the lights, he just balances until he gets the green light or falls over.

"It's really funny when unicyclists lose their balance and they have the clip-on boots for the pedals and they can't unclip fast enough."

Ste Lawrence added: "The guy has skills. As for not unclipping fast enough, this is true has it happened to me."

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