AN APPEAL to provide books for schools in some of the poorest countries in the world is seeking donations from Prestwich.

A team of volunteers in Greater Manchester have set up a charity, the No Barriers Foundation, which is currently working with organisations in Tanzania and Bangladesh.

The charity's Ready to Read project is focused on filling empty libraries and putting books in to the hands of children who are eager to learn.

Kieran Roberts, a teacher who grew up in Prestwich and is the charity's director, said: “What these schools lack in physical resources, they more than make up for in bright, enthusiastic pupils who are eager to learn and make better lives for themselves and for their families.

"The best way to fight poverty is through education. By providing these schools with children’s books, thousands of children will be helped to overcome some of the numerous barriers which trap them in poverty."

They are relying on donations of books for children aged three to five and they can be dropped off at locations across Greater Manchester.

There are currently two donation points in Prestwich, in Prestwich Library and at the Sedgley Park Children’s Centre.

Cllr Eamonn O’Brien, who has organised these local collections added: “It would simply be unthinkable for our own schools to lack these basic resources, and so we must do what we can for these children.

"I want to encourage any residents interested to take this opportunity to help make a life-changing difference for some of the world’s poorest children. I would also like to thank our fantastic library and children’s centre staff for their support and enthusiasm."

For a full list of locations and contact details for the No Barriers Foundation, visit

You can also register an interest in organising your own collection by emailing