A TUMBLE dryer burst into flames at a popular pub.

The appliance caught alight at around 4pm at the Shoulder of Mutton in Lumb Carr Road, Holcombe, near Ramsbottom.

Steve Wilcock, watch manager at Bury Fire Station, said: "The chef that works there tried to extinguish the fire but inhaled a lot of smoke.

"We gave him oxygen and put a bit of water on the fire and used fans to blow the smoke out and then removed the tumble dryer.

"It wasn't one of those models currently being recalled due to a fault."

Customers at the pub had been evacuated before the firefighters from Farnworth, Bury and Rawtenstall arrived and no-one was injured.

Mr Wilcock said: "This incident is a reminder to clean the lint out of the filter before you use a tumble dryer."