A GROUP of neighbours have formed a neighbourhood watch group following a spate of burglaries in Ramsbottom.

Police have dealt with reports of two burglaries in Holcombe Lee and an attempted break-in in Hill Rise, in Holcombe Brook, in the past two weeks.

Now a group of 10 residents have come together to ‘fight back’ against the criminals.

Martin Hankinson, has been named co-ordinator of the new neighbourhood watch group for Carrwood Hey, Hill Rise and Holcombe Lee.

Martin, who lives with his 79-year-old mother who he helps care for, in Hill Rise, said: “There are quite a few elderly people living in this area and a lot of people seem to have been quite spooked by the break-ins.

“The community is coming together to make a stand and we’re going to fight back.

“Elderly people shouldn’t be feeling nervous in their homes because of the fear of people breaking in.”

PCSO for Ramsbottom, Dave Johnson said: “We want people to make sure they lock doors and windows and turn on alarms when leaving the house.

“People seem to think the sun is shining and leave their doors unlocked but we’re warning people to stay on top of their home security to avoid any break-ins.

“Ramsbottom seems to be predominantly targeted out of all areas across the borough.

“We’re urging people to be vigilant.”

Residents at the Ramsbottom Centre, in Bolton Road West, have also formed a neighbourhood watch group following thefts across the town.

Mr Johnson added: “They’re all older people living in flats and bungalows at the centre so it’s reassuring knowing they have this community bond watching out for each other.”