A HISTORIC crest on a memorial boulder has been renewed thanks to Ramsbottom Heritage Society.

The Ramsbottom Urban District Council (RUDC) crest which sits on a boulder next to the tilted urn in Market Place, has been renovated thanks to a grant from Ramsbottom Township Forum.

Ramsbottom Heritage Society called in specialist contract painters, Heritage Painting, which restored the iconic Flying Scotsman, to bring the colours of the crest back to life last week.

The society donated cash towards the work and was also awarded a grant of £250 to help with costs.

The renewal of the historic badge was initiated by the chairman of Bury Rural Inequalities Forum (BRIF), Dr Falmai Binns, of Holcombe.

Dr Binns said: “They have done such a wonderful job.

“We have civic pride for Ramsbottom at last and using the authentic colour palette too, thanks to the artefacts of such provided by Ramsbottom Heritage Society.”

The badge has a special significance for the Ramsbottom Heritage Society as it was formed to preserve and promote the heritage of the RUDC area.

It shows both Peel tower on Holcombe Hill and Grants Tower on the opposite side of the valley. The town is also represented by the rams head.

Chairman of Ramsbottom Heritage Society, Kate Slingsby said: “I’m really pleased with the re-painting of the Ramsbottom Urban District Council badge, it looks very good.

“Now that it has been repainted in its original colours, it looks splendid.

“The handsome badge was once seen on the side of all the local buses so it’s lovely to see it renewed in the centre of Ramsbottom.”

The two machines indicate the industrial heritage of Ramsbottom, with a cotton printing machine representing the earliest process in the town from 1783 and the other, spinning and weaving, which followed from 1802.

The Ramsbottom Urban District Council existed for 80 years from 1894. It governed an area bounded to the south by Holcombe Brook and Summerseat and part of Hawkshaw; to the north by Edenfield, Irwell Vale, Stubbins and the hamlets of Chatterton and Strongstry; to the west by Holcombe and to the east by Shuttleworth, Park and Turn Village.

When the RUDC was dissolved in 1974, the area it covered was split between Bury Metropolitan Borough to the south and the Rossendale District of Lancashire to the north.

However the badge in the Market Place will ensure that it will never be forgotten.