A RETIRED support worker has won a two year battle to get a housing association to fix a leak at her home in Radcliffe.

But now 64-year-old Susan Neath-Pollitt must wait another month before the work can start at her house on Gingham Court, Butterworth Street.

She claims Irwell Valley Housing Association ignored her pleas to fix the leak which caused black mould to grow across her living room walls and ceiling.

Despite Ms Neath-Pollitt calling in surveyors to assess where the water was coming from and informing Irwell Housing, staff denied there was a leak.

She says it was only after she redecorated her living room on four separate occasions that the association finally admitted there was an issue and fixed the leak in March.

The mother-of-two said: “It's been a stressful nightmare dealing with the problem and constantly trying to get someone to listen to me. My sons have been worried about my health due to the stress of it all.

“A decorator was sent to my home earlier this month to finally redecorate but when he came and saw how much work needed doing he told me he wouldn’t have time.

“He was given a time slot of an hour and a half despite the walls and ceiling needing replastering and decorated.”

Since the Bury Times intervened Ms Neath-Pollitt has now been told she will have her living room redecorated on May 12. Decorators visited her home yesterday (Wednesday) to discuss plans for her new lounge.

She added: “I can’t believe it has taken two years to get the problem sorted.

“It’s been a positive outcome since the press got involved and they have been very responsive in reassuring me the work will be completed.

“I was just so desperate to make sure everything would be sorted out and hopefully now it will be done next month.”

A spokesman for Irwell Valley Housing Association refused to provide details of the work they have agreed to carry out.