AN ANGRY business owner wants to see Bury Council fill a number of dangerous potholes in a Ramsbottom street.

Co-director of ISM Waste Recycling in Kenyon Street, John Allen is concerned one large pothole in particular outside the business is close to causing serious damage to cars and risk the safety of pedestrians using the road.

Mr Allen has reported the pothole on three occasions to Bury Council since February and believes his concerns about the hole are not being taken seriously.

Mr Allen, who employs 40 workers, many of whom drive to work using the busy road, said: “It's big enough for me to stand in and cars are now having to swerve into the pavement to avoid it.

“It's only a matter of time before someone is seriously injured or a car is seriously damaged.

“Water has been bubbling out of the road and every time a car or lorry drives over it more stones break off.

“They’re being flicked up and hitting cars parked down the side of the street and muddy water in the hole is being splattered on cars.

“We pay our rates and road taxes so it only seems fair that the condition of our roads are maintained to a reasonable standard.

“I appreciate the council has had to deal with a lot of cutbacks but I still hope to see this pothole repaired before some serious damage is done.”

A spokesman for Bury Council said: “Since April 2015, we have completed 2,423 repair jobs on the pavements and roads.

"We have invested substantially in measures to tackle potholes in the borough and, in this year's budget, have allocated an additional £500,000 for this purpose.”