A LIFE saving piece of equipment has been installed in Holcombe.

The defibrillator was installed last week on the wall of Emmanuel Holcombe Primary and can be used by residents and visitors to the village.

The equipment came about after the Holcombe Society decided it would be a good idea to have one in the village.

Jan Parker, chairman of the society, said: "Given that the average age of residents in the village is around 65 its a vital piece of equipment, at a meeting in 2015 we identified the need for one and looked at the best way we could get one.

"Not only is it helpful for the people who live and go to school here but also for people who go walking up on the moor.

"Because it is quite a remote place it can sometimes take ambulances a bit longer to get up here so to have the defibrillator is really important, it could help to save lives."

The equipment was donated free of charge from North West Ambulance Service but the society had to source funding for the casing which cost £1,500.

Mrs Parker explained: "We applied to Bury Council for the full funding and spent ages filling in the forms and then we only received a grant for £250.

"Luckily somebody came forward with an anonymous donation for the rest of the amount and we managed to pay for the casing which holds the equipment."

Defibrillators can mean the difference between life and death for the victim of a sudden cardiac arrest.

The chance of survival can be tripled by providing a person in cardiac arrest with early defibrillation.

Representatives from North West Ambulance will be holding a session in the village to give advice on how to use the equipment on a date to be arranged.

However, if people can't attend the meeting there are instructions on the equipment should they ever need to use it.