AN amateur radio enthusiast could be forced to take down a 39ft aerial in his garden.

Peter Butterworth, of The Avenue, Limefield, put the mast in place on May 26 without Bury Council’s permission, according to documents he sent to the local authority.

Town hall chiefs have to give the green light for such aerials due to safety considerations and because of what neighbours might think about the height.

Mr Butterworth has now tabled a retrospective planning application and could be made to take down the mast if it is refused.

On the application form, Mr Butterworth told the council: “This is a self-supporting aerial mast widely used by the Army.

“I purchased the mast second hand three years ago.

“I chose (this one) because I believe it has less visual impact (than others) and gives me sufficient performance on the amateur shortwave bands for my needs.

“It is very securely attached to the mast.

“When the mast is extended . . . the mast can withstand wind speeds of up to 90mph.”

A Bury Council spokesman said no one had formally complained about the aerial.

Two neighbours have written to the council in support of the application. People have until Monday to contact the council with their views and the council is aiming to reach a decision by August 17.