PATIENTS are set to benefit from better quality images and reduced radiation dose as a result of a £500,000 investment in a specialist radiology room at North Manchester General Hospital.

The fluoroscopy room has undergone a makeover and had 10-year-old equipment replaced and updated to the latest models.

A new Toshiba Ultimax-I fluoroscopy machine has been installed and the room has been redecorated and remodelled to provide an extra door into the room to avoid staff being irradiated.

Helena Hill, specialist radiographer in interventional and fluoroscopy radiology, said: “The old room was 10 years old and in terms of fluoroscopy machines this is quite old.

“Although it still worked we upgraded from an image intensifier to a flat-bed detector as this will provide excellent quality images to be reported on and reduce the radiation dose.

“As the room has been remodelled we will also be able to provide a better workflow and so ultimately decrease the amount of patient waiting times.”

Fluoroscopy is the study of moving body structures, similar to an x-ray movie.

A continuous beam is passed through the body part being examined with the beam then transmitted to a TV-like

monitor so that the body par

and its motion can be seen in detailAs an imaging tool, fluoroscopy allows physicians to look at many body structures including the skeletal, digestive, urinary, respiratory and reproductive systems.

The fluoroscopy service at North Manchester General Hospital, which is run by The Pennine Acute Hospitals NHS Trust, sees around 2,600 patients per year.

It is used to diagnose and treat patients who have gastrointestinal problems, including problems with the stomach and throat, through to paediatric imaging and hysterosalpingograms which is an examination for ladies who are trying to get pregnant.

Paul Barker, senior directorate manager, radiology and neurophysiology at Pennine Acute Trust, said: “This is an important investment which will improve fluoroscopy services available to patients across the Pennine Acute Trust footprint using the latest imaging technology. The newly designed room layout vastly improves the patient experience.”