RESIDENTS are being warned after a man was threatened by someone claiming to work for the council.

The Bury resident has reported the suspicious caller who knocked on his door and claimed he was carrying out work in the streets behind the property.

The caller said that he wanted to check the back garden as he believed roots may be growing under the property.

When the resident asked for identification, the man became abrupt and threatened to report him for not co-operating.

Police said the man was in a white van with no markings and was described as white, five foot eight inches tall, stocky with dark hair and stubble.

He was wearing dark pants and work boots with a black and white jumper.

Police said a woman was also in the van and warned people about the dangers of letting strangers in to their homes.

Officers also urged people to keep an eye on vulnerable friends, relatives and neighbours.

If a suspicious caller comes to your house, call police on 101.