A NEW home is in sight for a much-loved youth club in Topping Fold.

The organisers of B:easties Junior Youth Club are looking at moving the group as the library housing it is likely to close as part of a council cuts exercise.

Staff at East Ward Primary School, where the group started, has offered the club a home if Topping Fold Library and Community Centre cannot be saved.

Colin Peach, chairman of governors at East Ward, said: "It wouldn't have the same facilities as the library but what we have is a large hall. But at Topping Fold they are able to take small groups off into side rooms."

PCSO Andy Bigland, who runs the club, is determined not to let it die and said it cannot fail because of the difference it has made to the local community. When the club opened in 2010, a survey by Greater Manchester Police revealed a 30 per cent drop in anti-social behaviour.

It is regularly attended by around 50 children and many parents volunteer their Friday evenings to keep the group running.

Mr Peach added: "What we've said to Mr Bigland is if it comes down to plan B, obviously, they can come to us."

As well as B:easties, the library and community centre hosts a variety of groups and activities, which would all lose their home too.

Mr Bigland and area PC Tim Heap, who run B:easties, met with councillors and head of libraries, Elizabeth Binns, to discuss saving Topping Fold Library and Community Centre.

Mr Bigland said they were told running costs for the building for 12 months would be £20,000.

He added: "We could probably run it for less but, GMP can't take the building over and run it as a business."

To reduce costs in the face of government imposed budget cuts, Bury Council is looking at axing either 11 or 12 of the borough's 14 libraries.

Mr Bigland felt after the meeting with libraries head Ms Binns these plans are unavoidable and Topping Fold will not be one of the three.

Mr Bigland said: "Realistically we are looking at the venue changing."

The three earmarked to stay open to meet the council's statutory requirement of a library service are Bury, Ramsbottom and Prestwich Libraries. There is also a possibility Radcliffe Library may remain open.

The council is currently consulting on these two options.

Cllr Holt was hopeful something could be worked out to save the library.

He said: "We are hoping to get together all interested parties to see what can be done, it's a matter of sustaining the building.

"The councillors are working on it and we are determined to do all we can, we're hopeful we can do something."

He added Ms Binns was as keen as they were to keep the building open.