BURY North's new Labour MP had a very long first day in office.

James Frith won the former Conservative seat with a 4,375 vote majority.

Parliament reopened last week with Mr Frith among the many new faces to grace the benches.

Mr Frith spoke to the The Bury Times after his first 24 hours in the job. Beginning at 5.30am he set off by train from Bury arriving in London to be given his Parliamentary equipment: laptop and iPad and set up with his civil service 'buddy', whose job, Mr Frith said, 'is to make sure I don't get lost and I find my way to various briefings'.

He said: "Yesterday felt a very, very long day, at 5.30am I started in Bury and I checked into my hotel at 10.30pm."

In many ways he said it was like starting any other job, 'except it was in rather splendid and amazing surroundings'.

He added: "I’m still quite stunned by it all but I’m very keen. I’m meeting people who will make up my offices."

Last Thursday Mr Frith was sworn in as a Member of Parliament in a moment he likened to a wedding, saying he was 'emotional and nervous'.

Mr Frith made it clear he was keen to get on with the job and sort out his constituency offices.

He said: "I see my role very much as a constituency member of Parliament, you can allocate your resources however you like and mine will be weighted far more towards the work in the constituency so the constituency feels the benefit."

Mr Frith has been to look at offices in Bury town centre but said he probably will not find a permanent base until during the summer recess.

Mr Frith said of his first day: "It was the election of the speaker, that was the most important thing, it was a moment of great tradition.

"I was the back row of the backbenches but fortunately my fellow class of 2017 weren’t too cool for school and we took in the moment.

"There was great excitement and that sense of significance and the importance of the job required."

The shock election result, with the Conservatives losing their majority, played well in the House of Commons as Jeremy Corbyn, Leader of the Opposition taunted the Prime Minister with her own campaign slogans, saying Labour offered a strong and stable alternative to her coalition of chaos.

Mr Frith said: "It was quite a mixed atmosphere, the Labour benches were quite excitable, we were buoyed and the Tories were diminished and frustrated and a little bit annoyed by the cause of it.

"It’s clear [Theresa May] is a weakened figure and that was evident in her body language."

The day ended with a new members reception in Jeremy Corbyn's office in Portcullis House, opposite Big Ben.

Mr Frith said: "We were congratulated, everyone had fairly different expectations to the result we had, that was acknowledged and people were very pleased about the result in Bury North, it’s the first time it’s been held by a party that isn’t in government."