RADCLIFFE Library is set to be saved after more than two thirds of people responding to a public consultation said they wanted it to stay open.

The library’s future was in doubt after Bury Council announced a major review into library services across the borough last year.

A report will be presented to members of the council’s cabinet on Wednesday night which proposes that Radcliffe Library will remain open, along with libraries in Bury, Ramsbottom and Prestwich.

All other libraries across Bury are set to close in August under the plans.

Funding for the four remaining libraries will remain the same as if only three had remained open.

Deborah Murphy, a Radcliffe resident who campaigned to keep the town’s library open, said it was “excellent news”.

She said: “In 2017 the library is not just about borrowing books, it is central to the community.

“It is a place where community groups meet and is a real hub.

“Also, it gives access to technology for people.

“Radcliffe is not a rich place and not everybody has a computer, so the library is very important for people who need to use the internet.”

Ms Murphy, aged 38, returned to Radcliffe, where she grew up, 18 months ago and said she was “horrified” at how many services had been lost, including the civic hall and swimming baths.

“When I heard about the library going I thought I had to do something,” she added.

The review attracted 2,693 responses from the public during the latest consultation period, which asked residents whether they wished Radcliffe to join the other three in being kept open.

Of those who responded, some 71 per cent said that they did.

The council says the libraries review was carried out to develop a sustainable library service which meets the needs of current and future service users, against a backdrop of budget reductions.

The cabinet meeting on Wednesday starts at 6pm at Bury Town Hall and is open to the public.

The library review report can be read online here: http://tinyurl.com/y7e645fc