A JUNIOR football match had to be abandoned and police were called after the referee sent off parents — and a fight broke out involving players and the linesman.

Tottington United were playing Accrington-based Globe Park JFC in an under-16s game at Blackburn Central High School on Saturday when the fight broke out.

The teams play in the Bolton, Bury and District Football League.

Police said they were called to the incident at around 10.50am after a fight broke out between around 20 adults and children. One witness said: “I was watching a different match when I heard a commotion from another game two pitches away.

“I could see everyone running about — there was a mass fight involving parents, a linesman and players.

“Apparently people were saying the referee had sent some parents off then the linesman got involved in a fight with one of the players and all hell let loose.

“Police were called and a few people had to be spoken to by them on the car park behind the building I believe.”

The incident at the school off Haslingden Road was also reported to the Lancashire FA.

Police said no arrests were made but several people were spoken to after the incident.

A police spokesman said: “A fight broke out at a youth football game between two local teams.

“It was a public order offence and around 20 people both adults and children were involved.

“Three people were identified by police and had to be spoken to about the incident. No arrests have been made at this stage.”

On the Bolton, Bury and District Football League the match is listed as abandoned.

A spokesman for Globe Park JFC said the club did not want to comment as the matter was being dealt with by the police and the Lancashire FA.

A spokesman for Tottington United also declined to comment.

Bolton, Bury and District Football League also refused to comment.