AS anybody who has ever received a parking ticket will be able to testify, one is bad enough, however, one unlucky motorist in Bury currently has eleven to contend with.

The car, a red Renault Clio, was pictured in Phoenix Street, on the outskirts of Bury town centre, where it is believed it has been accumulating tickets for the past few weeks, leaving its owner with a bill amounting to hundreds of pounds.

A spokesperson for Bury Council, said: “Phoenix Street is a residents’ parking zone. This car is registered to a resident of Phoenix Street, who does not have a residents’ parking permit. This means they should not be parking there, and we have received complaints from other residents about it.

“Our parking contractors NSL have therefore issued a number of penalty charge notices (PCNs), the majority of them in the last week. We would urge the car owner to either pay or appeal the tickets, and not to park on this street without a permit.

“We will take the necessary steps to resolve the situation if the owner does not take action.”