PUPILS have been handed a national award for helping their friends stay safe online.

Holcombe Brook Primary School is the first school in Greater Manchester to win the National Online Safety Award.

A team of pupils from the Ramsbottom school - known as eCadets - has led the way in keeping their peers protected while surfing the web.

Casey Lynchey, eCadet coordinator and teacher at Holcombe Brook, said the whole school has felt the impact of their work.

She said: “We are so proud of our eCadets team and everything they have achieved.

“They teach other pupils how to be safe online in lessons, hold assemblies and have even shared their knowledge with other schools.

“To be the first school in Greater Manchester to collect the award is great recognition for all they’ve done as part of the innovative programme.”

More than 3,300 schools across the UK have participated in the pupil-led online safety programme.

Holcombe Brook pupils have participated in Skype training sessions and shared their knowledge about the dangers of the web during a special Safety Internet Day radio broadcast.

eCadets chief executive Henry Platten, who is a former police sergeant, described the work of the Holcombe Brook team as outstanding.

Mr Platten said: “The eCadets at Holcombe Brook are awesome.

“The energy and commitment they show in delivering our activities in school has made a real sustainable impact to all the pupils at the school.”

National Online Safety works with UK schools to help them achieve a safer online world for children, in line with Ofsted requirements.