A THEATRE school is aiming high with a world record attempt that is bringing one family closer together.

The Alyson Livesey Academy of Dance and Drama, based in Whitefield, is taking part in a ‘tapathon’ to break the record for the most people tap dancing the same routine at the same.

Miss Livesey said: “We’ve got more than 100 taking part, our youngest is five and our oldest are in their 60s.

“It’s the first time we’ve taken part in a tapathon and hopefully we are going to do out little bit to contribute.

“The record is apparently 7,500 people.”

Miss Livesey advertised the event to her students and their parents and was pleasantly surprised with the response.

In one family three generations are all taking part.

Seven-year-old Freya Pollitt, her mother Heidi Pollitt and her grandmother, Denise Gardner will all be polishing their dancing shoes for the tapathon.

The trio, who all live in Unsworth, are all students at the academy.

Mrs Pollitt said: “If I have the routine for a week on Sunday we will be lucky.

“It’s quite hard, there’s a children’s one, which they’ve got down pat, but the adults’ one is actually quite difficult.

“Me and my mum are still getting to grips with it.”

The tapathon is not new to Mrs Pollitt, who took part in one in 1994 at the GMEX, now named Manchester Central.

She said: “I was 15 and I did it with my mum and grandma.

“It was heaving, it was amazing. I still remember it and I don’t remember the routine being anywhere near as difficult. The atmosphere was great. I wish we were gong somewhere bigger but I guess that’s not feasible, but I’m really looking forward to it.”

The national event is organised by the Performers Project, who contacted Miss Livesey to ask if her studio would like to take part.

Miss Livesey said: “I thought it was a great idea and it’s a good community event.”

Tapathon takes place Sunday, November 19 and hundreds of other dance schools up and down the country will be tapping away to beat the record number.