A NEW arts festival could be set to come to Prestwich next year.

The idea for the event, which it is hoped will feature activities ranging from art to poetry, singing and dancing, was conceived by creatives living in the area a few months ago.

They have since secured £1,000 in funding at one of Bury Council’s Pitch events.

And organisers are now in the process of composing a funding bid to the Arts Council, which they intend to submit in early 2018, and hope to be able to announce full details of the festival in spring.

One of those behind the project is Prestwich-based DJ Jane Thomson.

She said: “The plan is to deliver some high quality, high impact activities by the people of Prestwich for the people of Prestwich.

“I know quite a few creative people around Prestwich and I floated the idea that we should have our own festival.

“I spoke to friends and we quickly realised that there are a lot of talented people living in Prestwich. They take their talent out of Prestwich and work all over the place so they were really excited about using their talents and skills for the benefit of the community they live in.

“We know that there is a lot of talent in Prestwich, but we want to lift the lid on untapped talent.

“We think it’s best to start small at first and deliver something high quality, which will be inclusive, regardless of culture, identity or ability.”

The project has the backing of The Met in Bury, as well as Prestwich bard Tony Walsh, who shot to fame after performing his poem ‘This Is The Place’ at the vigil in the aftermath of the Manchester Arena attack back in May.

The plans at present are for a four-day festival across a weekend in Autumn 2018.

Although is still early days, organisers are hopeful that the festival will be able to take place across a number of venues across Prestwich.

Ms Thomson added: “We are keen to engage people that don’t think art is for them so we want to take the festival to them.

“It’s about people taking pride in where they live. Prestwich has a very active community feel anyway so I feel like we are pushing on an open door. The feedback so far has been great.”