BURY'S Jennie McAlpine will take on one of the infamous Bushtucker Trials tonight.

The actress, who plays Fiz Brown in Coronation Street, will try to get meals for her campmates alongside comedian Iain Lee.

Jennie and Iain have to get their faces dirty as they try to unscrew plastic dollar bills to win meals for the camp.

The pair have to stick their heads into the boxes filled with a variety of animals including frogs and crabs to get to the dollar bills in the Deadly Departure Lounge trial.

On Instagram earlier today her team said: "Thanks so much for saving Jennie on @itvimacelebrity please keep voting to keep her adventure and lovely friendship with @toffgeorgia going!!"

Before entering the jungle, 33-year-old Jennie revealed she had been practising sleeping with her light off at home to get used to the dark.