PARENTS in Bury are being advised to be vigilant for potentially dangerous fake Fingerlings toys during their Christmas shopping.

The call comes after dozens of fake Fingerlings were seized by trading standards from a shop in Bury town centre as part of anti-fraud initiative, led by partners including Greater Manchester Police and the Immigration Service, who visited retail outlets across the borough.

The store's name has not been disclosed due to ongoing investigations and possible legal actions.

Considered this years must have toy, Fingerlings - robotic monkeys which make noises and interact when worn on fingers - made national news earlier this month as stock shortages sent desperate parents into the arms of traders selling cheap, potentially dangerous fakes.

Angela Lomax, head of trading standards and licensing at Bury Council, warned common fake names to look out for include ‘Baby Monkey’, ‘Happy Monkey’ and ‘Finger Monkey’.

She said: "The copy versions could have safety issues because they do not have to go through the same safety tests as the genuine toys.

"The cost-cutting approach of most illicit operations means products are likely to be poor quality, with a significantly shorter lifespan than that of a legitimate product.

"Such products will generally not meet required safety standards, putting you and your families at significant risk.

"If a price seems too good to be true then it probably is, don’t get sucked in by crazy deals."

Genuine Fingerlings should cost around £15, will say "WowWee" and have a Canadian address on the packaging, according to trading standards.

The Bury fakes packaging had no address, and the toys said 'made in China'.

If you have unwittingly bought fake goods or know of anyone who sells them, report it to the Consumer Helpline on 03454 040506, who will refer your case to the relevant trading standards authority.