CONCERNS have been raised after lifts at Heaton Park Metrolink station were left out of operation due to vandalism.

The two lifts which connect the station platforms with the adjoining Whittaker lane were left out of action, marked by tape saying they are under maintenance, meaning some passengers were unable to access the platforms.

Repairs have since been made to the outbound lift, however the issue has been made worse by treacherous weather conditions meaning stairs and surfaces at the station could be slippery.

Councillor for Sedgley Ward, Prestwich, Cllr Alan Quin said of the lift closures that "wheelchair users, mums with buggies, the disabled and the elderly will either struggle to get down the steps or not be able to use the tram at all."

"To add to this the steps on both sides need action. If it freezes they will become very dangerous.

"I've written too the head of Metrolink again about the state of this station and asked for Metrolink via TfGM to put Heaton Park Metrolink station at the top for investment.

"We need paths to the platforms from Whittaker Lane and Wilton Street.

"The platforms themselves need modernising as the steelwork is badly corroded and we need an extra ticket machine on both platforms."

Cllr Quinn added that he had been approached at the station by a pensioner and a pregnant woman who were furious about the state of Heaton Park station.

Danny Vaughan, TfGM’s Head of Metrolink, said: “We’re aware that the lifts at the Heaton Park stop are not currently working and apologise for any inconvenience this is causing our passengers.

“Upon investigation, our engineers confirmed that both lifts have been vandalised and required repairing.

"The outbound lift has now been repaired, however, parts are required to fix the lift on the Bury bound platform.

"They have been ordered and we’ve asked that the repairs be carried out as swiftly as possible.

“We appreciate that using the stairs is not ideal for passengers with impaired mobility, especially when the weather is bad, and so our drivers are making announcements before the stop advising passengers with walking impairments to travel to the next stop and contact customer services for assistance.

"From there we will arrange for any taxi services that are required for those passengers affected. We’re also making this announcement at the Heaton Park stop itself.

“In addition, we’re regularly gritting all our platforms and pushing out stop announcements advising passengers to take extra care when using the platforms and surfaces may be icy.

“Again, I’d like to apologise to our passengers and assure them that we’ll work to return the lifts to full working order as soon as we can.”