RAMSBOTTOM was the backdrop to a thrilling chase on a Channel 4 TV show last night.

Viewers watching the reality survival series Hunted will have spotted the town as hunters closed in on the capture of a contestant.

The show features nine fugitives who, if they can evade being captured by an experienced team of trackers for 25 days, will receive a share of the £100,000 cash prize.

In last night’s episode, which aired at 9pm, one of the show’s contestants, former police firearms officer Jamie Clark, was staying in a field on the outskirts of Greater Manchester.

With his wife heavily pregnant, he had been promised a lift back to his native South West by a deliver driver.

But, before making the trip south, Mr Clark stopped off in Ramsbottom to use a cash machine.

After being dropped off at the bottom of Heatherside Road, he made his way into the town centre and used the ATM outside Santander in Bolton Street.

However, the use of his card was tracked by the hunters, who were immediately alerted to his whereabouts.

As it turned out, a pair of hunters were just eight minutes away, and within seconds, set out to secure his capture.

Oblivious to their proximity, Mr Clark attempted to use a phone box to call his wife.

As the hunters descended on Ramsbottom town centre, Mr Clark raced to get back to the van on Heatherside Road.

He made it back to the van, and the driver shot off towards the South West, leaving the hunters rueing their luck.

To watch the episode visit Channel 4’s video on demand service All4.