A MUM-of-two from Heap Bridge has praised her 'amazing' eight-year-old daughter for coming to her aid while she was having a seizure.

Keeley Green, aged 27, was at home with her two daughters last Monday when she began to have a seizure.

Her eldest, Charlotte, knew exactly what to do and got her mum onto their sofa, comforted her two-year-old sister, Ameliya and phoned for help.

Miss Green said: "She's amazing, I'm just so proud of her, that she managed to do it on her own. She's always had her dad there before and we have told her what to do but this is the first time she's had to do it for herself.

"We're really proud of what she's done. I've had other seizures with the children in the house but someone has been there to comfort the children, but the other day she had the full responsibility and she's had to take it all in her own hands.

"I just want her to know that what she did was fantastic, I want her to know that Mummy is alright and she can do it."

Miss Green said she has been having seizures due to her epilepsy since she was 16 and before she seized on January 30, had not had one since June.

She said Charlotte, who goes by Charlie, has been told to help her mum onto the sofa and to call her dad to help or to call the emergency services.

Miss Green said: "She put me on the sofa, which must have been quite hard to do, her sister was screaming and crying, she kept her comforted.

"Charlie rang my partner (Ben Hughes) and my friend (Michelle Whipp). She's been told to ring the emergency services but she's so clever, she knew she didn't have to ring them at that time."

Since Charlie came to the rescue her school, Heap Bridge Primary, have contacted Miss Green to say she had been quiet and pale.

Miss Green said: "When I'm having a seizure I'm unconscious, I stop breathing and go blue in the face. I make horrible noises trying to get my breath back. It must be frightening for her.

"School have rung me and said they noticed a difference, that she was quiet, looked pale and I think the nerves got the better of her.

"But I just want her to know how proud I am, she's amazing."