DOZENS of residents have continued to voice concerns about a new virtual parking system after a public meeting last night.

Concerns were raised about resident's lack of internet access and computer literacy, difficulties travelling to the town hall or libraries to register, and confusion over the implementation of the new system, which is being introduced to the area around Fairfield General Hospital.

Over 100 residents gathered at Fairfield Community Primary School where a three hour drop-in session took place.

Julie Talbot, who lives in Rochdale Old Road and organised the meeting said that the introduction of the scheme was continuing to worry many older residents of the area.

She added: "We have had no explanation about the new system and if this meeting hadn't been called then nobody would have any idea.

"It is an absolute shambles and a disgrace."

Following a meeting at Jericho Methodist Church on January 29, Bury Council said that concerns highlighted there have been considered.

Consequently the council confirmed on February 2 that residents will now be able to choose between either a virtual or a paper parking permit.

Speaking at the meeting Tina Glover group leader at Bury Council and David Fowler assistant localities director at Bury Council attempted to reassure residents, and said that once a vehicle is registered for the virtual system it will be automatically registered to park.

Mr Fowler added: "Anyone who has a paper permit and wants to continue with paper will be able to do that.

"Those who have registered online and definitely don't want a paper permit will also be able to continue to do that."

In order to register for the new system for residential parking permit residents will have to provide proof of residency, proof of vehicle ownership and proof that the vehicle is registered to the property.

For visitors parking permits residents will just have to provide proof of residency.

Residents wishing to retain a paper permit can request this and should supply the same information.

Anyone wishing to renew their permit will also need to prove residency and ownership.

Ms Glover and Mr Fowler also wished to reassure residents that no tickets will be issued for the time being, and a letter will be sent out to residents alerting them as to when the new system is to formally come online.

Another meeting organised to discuss the outcomes of Tuesday's meeting and continuing issues has been scheduled for March 5.

Residents are invited to attend from 6.30pm at Jericho Methodist Church.

For more information on the online permit scheme, or for those wishing to remain with a paper permit, contact the council on 01612535353.