February 14, 1968

HOUSEWIVES and residents are in uproar after a stretch of muddy waste land has caused havoc for homeowners.

The land at the front of 24 houses at the top of Walmersley Road, Bury, has created chaos for vehicles having to cross it to reach garages, and is making paths and homes filthy.

The problem is confounded by refuse men and tradespeople crossing the mud in order to get to the houses, dirtying the paths, and residents say they are waging a constant battle to keep their homes clean.

Over the Christmas period, several cars parked on the land sank in to the mud and became stuck.

Residents are now urging the town council to do something about the verge.

One resident, Mrs Kathleen Lord, a teacher at Walmersley County Primary School, said: “We have lived here for 25 years and the condition of the verge gets worse and worse .

“The winter has really been the limit. A relative has damaged her car on the verge and the mud has been worse than ever.

“We have been pressing the town council to do something for a long time but our efforts have come to nothing.”

Another resident, Mrs Ethel Bradshaw, endorsed Mrs Lord’s comments adding: “My husband puts ashes at the front of the house every day, trying to keep the mud out, but even so we have to lay newspapers on the carpets to keep them clean.

“The mud makes the car filthy and it is about time the council did something to tidy things up.”

Councillor A. L. Collinson, chairman of Bury’s roads and traffic committee, said: “The committee is doing everything possible to get things moving to clear the stretch of land.”

A MAN trapped in the wreckage of his car, and another rescued by firemen from the top of a high tower — all this and more kept Bury Fire Brigade on their toes on Monday afternoon — but the emergencies were not real.

The incidents were simulated by the fire brigade, using a scrap car and the stations drill tower, for a visit by the Mayor and Mayoress of Bury.

Chief Fire Officer, Mr J Andrew, said: “It was a very good fire inspection by the Mayor and it was a pleasure to have him and the Mayoress at the first station.

“They seemed very interested and impressed by what they saw.”