A RADCLIFFE primary school which had been placed in special measures in 2013 has now been rated as “Good” by Ofsted.

Gorsefield Primary School, in Robertson Street, was found to be “Good” in all areas by the Government’s education regulator, when it was inspected on January 10 and 11.

The watchdog found that children were making a positive start to their learning, and pupil’s progress was described as “strong” as a “result of good teaching”.

Staff and their teaching were further praised, in particular the teaching of maths which was described as “good”, and the teaching of reading, described as “revised and strengthened”, while , the report published on Tuesday said.

The report, published on Tuesday, added: “The teaching of phonics is a strength of the school.”

Ofsted went on to detail that arrangements for pupil safeguarding were effective, and efforts to promote personal development and welfare were labelled “good”.

The report added: “There is a very positive atmosphere and pupils appreciate the effort of their teachers to make school a happy, secure and interesting place.”

Pupil behaviour was found to be “good” and incidents of bullying “rare”, while children were given opportunities for learning “effective life skills and knowledge to live a healthy life.”

The report said: "Pupils are rightly proud of their school. They wear their uniform with pride, present their work neatly and try their best to to please their teachers.

"Pupils conduct themselves extremely sensibly around the school, holding doors open for visitors and each other.

"They play together happily during breaktimes, and are polite and courteous and treat each other with respect."

The school’s principal was also lauded by Ofsted as having "high ambitions for the school."

Ruth Onyekaba, Principal at Gorsefield Primary, said: "Proud doesn’t even begin to describe it. Well done to everyone.

"Our trustworthy, authentic and hardworking team have achieved so much, and this has been rightly recognised by Ofsted.

"It is a privilege to be the leader of this wonderful School. Our school mission is to Inspire and Challenge so that all can Excel, and this has been a crucial driving force in achieving this fantastic outcome."

In November 2013 Gorsefield was found to be inadequate in achievement of pupils, quality of teaching and leadership and management, and as requiring improvement in the behaviour and safety of pupils.

Three years previously Gorsefield had been found, by Ofsted, to be "good" with outstanding features.

According to the 2013 Ofsted report, pupils were found to be making less than expected progress in Key Stage 1 and 2 learning, and were not prepared well enough for further learning, failing to develop enough basic skills in reading, writing and maths.

Pupil's behaviour and manners were praised but teaching was found not to be developing their independence, and teacher's expectations of pupil's capabilities of achievement were "not high enough".

Too great an inconsistency was also found in the quality of teaching to facilitate a quick rise in standards.

The report also criticised school leaders and managers and their actions to improve the school, describing them as "ineffective", while leadership of teaching was labelled "weak".

The school was subsequently placed in special measures.

Over the next two years the school was subject to four Section 8 inspection reports — employed to monitor a school without giving individual graded judgements or an overall effectiveness grade.

The reports found consistent improvements as well as strategies and investment for bolstering Gorsefield’s grading and effectiveness over that period.

In March 2015, the school was taken under the sponsorship of St Pauls CE Primary in Astley Bridge, graded outstanding by Ofsted, joining the multi-academy trust.

Karen Bramwell, CEO of Forward As One Trust, said: "I am extremely proud of our team here at Forward As One, it has been a joy to share the journey of improvement at Gorsefield, seeing our staff and children flourish and grow.

"This journey has been very much a partnership from which we have all benefitted as one team, one mission, one family.

"We look forward to welcoming St Peter’s Smithill’s Dean to our family as we continue to grow, as a successful and effective multi-academy trust, on our mission to provide excellence for all."