A RADCLIFFE supermarket was evacuated last night after a fire in a nearby electrical substation.

The incident occurred near to the Asda store in Pilkington Way at around 8.30pm.

Fire crews from Whitefield, Broughton and Agecroft attended the scene for around four hours, working with partners from Electricity North West to bring the blaze under control.

The incident also left 1,504 people without power, with Wallwork Street, Robertson Street, Bolton Street and the canal side being the main areas affected.

Electricity North West confirmed that 1,309 customers had their power restored in three minutes, and the last home came back on line by 9.40pm.

Asda remains without grid power and is relying on its own generator until Electricity North West complete their repairs today.

An Asda spokesperson said: "Our store is trading as normal after an incident at a nearby electrical substation last night. We thank emergency services for their swift action."