BOLTON’S Labour Party came under fire after tweeting this photo highlighting the difference in gritting on the border with Bury.

The image, which angered Bury Council bosses after it was posted on Thursday, contrasts a well-gritted Bolton Council section of Arthur Lane, Ainsworth, with Bury’s snow-covered section.

Bury’s Cllr Alan Quinn said the ‘mischievous’ tweet, which was later deleted, was unfair on gritting teams who were ‘working day and night and doing a great job’. He added that Arthur Lane was gritted four times on Thursday.

Bolton councillor Nick Peel said his group ‘never intended to upset our colleagues in Bury’.

He added: “We weren’t having a go at them, far from it. But we are patting ourselves on the back, as I think we should sometimes, for a job well done by our gritting teams.”