A DEFIBRILLATOR has been installed at Walmersley Conservative Club.

The life-saving device has been placed on the external wall of the club, in Mather Road, and has been funded by a donation from Bury Council’s Pitch scheme, where community groups and organisations can pitch for funding for community activities or projects.

The club have also run fundraising events to contribute towards the cost.

The defibrillator, which is illuminated and visible from the car park entrance, will have free 24-hour access for emergency use by the local community. 

Club president Joe McDermott said: “Over the last 12 months the club and it’s members have been called upon to attend to, and to alert the emergency services to several serious accidents which have happened in the unadopted stretch of Mather Road, which adjoins the club and is unlit and full of trip hazards.

“Prompted by these incidents and due to the location of the club within the village of Walmersley, we decided to take advantage of the Council’s Pitch funding scheme to install the defibrillator.

“Our thanks go the council and all who have been a part of the fundraising process.”