WORKING together and growing together has been the basis for the successful 10-year partnership between The Vacuum Pouch Company and The Bury Black Pudding Company.

More than just providing high-quality packaging film for the renowned products, The Vacuum Pouch Company has supported The Bury Black Pudding Company through a decade of new product development and unprecedented growth, culminating in the great working relationship they both enjoy today.

Richard Morris, production director at The Bury Black Pudding Company, said: “We try our best to source locally for both staff and suppliers. This not only fits with our corporate and social responsibility policy towards reducing our carbon footprint, but also ensures that we strike up great ‘people’ relationships — and that’s how we like to do business.

"While we now sell our products all over the world and to all the major retailers, national wholesalers and many independent operators, our greatest delight is that we can grow alongside businesses like The Vacuum Pouch Company here in Bury.”

Gary North, sales manager at The Vacuum Pouch Company, said: “It is really good to be part of the ongoing success story of The Bury Black Pudding Company. We take great pride in our customer relationships and we know that our products, pricing and delivery are really competitive in the demanding sector we work.”