AN UBER driver in Bury had his car vandalised with a corrosive substance in what he believes was a hate crime attack spurred on by 'Punish a Muslim Day'.

Abdul Matin, aged 32, has lived in Bury all his life, he said: "I've never been targeted before, I've never had any trouble.

"It's lucky they haven't chucked it at a car and not a human.

"They've poured acid over my vehicle and it's melted the car right down to the metal, it's not your average paint stripper according to the garage."

Mr Matin's silver Ford Mondeo, which he uses while working as an Uber driver, was targeted outside his home in Market Street on Tuesday, April 3, he reported it to the police the next day.

April 3 was branded as 'Punish a Muslim Day' in anonymous letters posted in homes across the country.

Bolton South East MP Yasmin Qureshi spoke in Parliament about the letters after being shown one by a constituent.

The letters called for people to commit hate crimes against Muslims and included a points system for different crimes.

In a response to the letters some communities created counter-movements like 'Protect a Muslim Day' and 'Love a Muslim Day'.

Mr Matin, who lives with his wife and three children, said in his mind the attack was "100 per cent" because of 'Punish a Muslim Day'.

He said: "People had sent me Whatsapp messages during the day saying to be careful and I laughed it off but at night it happened to me.

"I was the only taxi in the street and there are no other vehicles which have been damaged. They have probably seen me going in and out of my house, I do have a beard so I do stand out.

"I want the public to be aware it's happening in Bury."

Mr Matin said as well as the emotional cost of the crime he is having to a foot a bill of £1,000 to fix the damage.

He said: "It's going to be a big cost, it's £1,000 of damage and it's a lease car so they won't be paying towards it.

"I've told my wife and she's flabbergasted, she's half Italian and half Jamaican and she's very shocked.

"We can't believe it happened."

Mr Matin had been to check his car at 9pm that night after football fans had left the nearby Bury v Rochdale match.

The next morning he discovered the damage to his car.

He said: "I can't see it being anything else beside a hate crime, I've lived here all my life and my mum and dad are round the corner. I've never experienced anything like this before."