A TRAVELLERS' site has been set up at a Radcliffe car park less than four months after a camp was forced to move on from the same location.

Several caravans and lorries are currently parked at the Green Street car park, opposite Dunelm and next to the former site of the old Radcliffe Pool and Fitness Centre.

A Bury Council spokesman confirmed the council is aware of the travellers.

Bury Council had to apply for a court order to evict travellers from the same site over the Christmas period after members of the public were attacked by a dog associated with the camp. The dog was seized by the police.

A council spokesman said: "The council put steel security barriers and locks in place at the car park after the last episode which have since been broken.

"We will also be taking the usual steps to move the travellers on in accordance with the law."

Speaking anonymously, one resident said: "I am fed up of this constant merry-go-round where these people turn up and the same old process begins. The travellers wait until the last possible moment then move on to another site leaving piles of refuse. Local tax payers are footing the bill.

"I have driven by a few times in recent days. They turned up three days ago."

The Radcliffe resident said there are 12 caravans and several lorries and vans on the site.

He said: "Just a few months ago, the council stated this would not be allowed to happen again. Several local people were attacked by dangerous dogs and despite complaints it took more than one month for anything to be done.

"This has been going on for years and it keeps on happening. Either give them a site they can look after or stop them trespassing."

It is understood the travellers who established themselves at the site at the end of last year moved on of their own accord.

A resident said on Twitter: "Surprise surprise! The travellers are back in the their free holiday at the car park in Radcliffe.

"So much for Bury Council securing the site?"

Another said: "There are around six caravans. They arrived at 9 pm on Sunday evening.

"The secure site was obviously not secure enough."