APOLOGIES are being demanded from two Labour councillors after it was revealed they made insulting remarks about the Royal Family on Facebook — including branding Prince George a “pompous little inbred”.

The comments, made by councillors Sarah and Susan Southworth, date back to the Labour leadership battle that saw Jeremy Corbyn elected as Ed Miliband’s successor, but have only now come to light.

Cllr Sarah Southworth shared an article from the satirical current affairs site News Thump featuring the headline “Jeremy Corbyn Planning Massacre of the Royal Family” to which she added “Perhaps I will vote for him after all.”

In response, fellow Labour councillor Sandra Walmsley posted an image of Prince George — who at the time was aged two — with no further comment.

Sarah Southworth, ward councillor for Moorside, replied “Nooo Sandra Walmsley — how can you do that to me . . . child of immigrant benefit scroungers.” And Cllr Susan Southworth — Sarah’s mother — responded with the comment “pompous little inbred”.

It is not the first time Cllr Susan Southworth has sparked controversy with her views — and choice of language — in respect of the monarchy.

In December, 2015 — four months after the posts revealed in this story — she apologised for describing the Royal Family as “hangers on” and calling the Queen an “old bag” on Twitter.

The Elton ward councillor said she held “strong republican views” but admitted the remarks, posted in September, 2015, were “totally inappropriate”.

She also said she would be undertaking social media training to ensure there was no repeat.

The Southworths were embroiled in a row last month over the issue of anti-Semitism in the Labour Party.

Cllr Sarah Southworth said the matter was “not being raised on the doorstep” but later apologised, saying she was sorry if her Tweets appeared to “diminish or ignore” the problem of anti-Semitism, adding “that was not my intention.”

And former Tory candidate Robert Largan accused Cllr Susan Southworth of not condemning anti-Semitic Tweets after the pair exchanged comments on the social media site.

She declined to comment when contacted by The Bury Times about the row.

Mr Largan, who raised the issue of the Facebook posts, said: “This is the second time in the space of a few weeks that Bury Labour councillors have let the mask slip.

“Bury residents will be appalled at these very nasty comments directed towards a child and the Royal Family.

“I think the Labour councillors involved need to apologise.”

Cllr Sarah Southworth said: “The article was from NewsThump, clearly satirical and said tongue in cheek.

“Cllr Walmsley and I have an ongoing joke with each other on the subject — she is a monarchist, I am not.”

Cllr Susan Southworth holds the position as chairman of Bury North Constituency Labour Party, while Sandra Walmsley is employed by Bury North MP James Frith’s office as a caseworker. Cllr Susan Southworth and Mr Frith have been contacted for comment.