TORTOISES and terrapins took centre stage at a twice-annual weigh-in over the weekend.

More than 30 animals arrived at The Rock in Bury for their health check-ups to ensure they were heavy enough and fit enough to face the year ahead.

The Northern Region of the British Chelonia Group held their spring event at the Wilkinsons store on Saturday (April 14).

The weigh-in has been taking place for more than 25 years with the aim to check the health of the animals.

Northern Chairman John Thorpe, from Bury, said: "A total of 36 animals arrived to be seen on Saturday, with of course their devoted owners, many of whom have returned for many years.

"The animals seen included the common tortoise, otherwise known as spur-thighed, Hermann's tortoise, Horsfield's tortoise, red-footed tortoise and hinge-back tortoise. For the most part, they were in good health, with just a few needing possible further veterinary attention.

"We are very grateful for the store's continuing support of this event and look forward to returning in autumn."

He added: "I am very proud of the number of lives which have been saved over the years, and the number of owners who have improved their tortoises' and terrapins' lives immeasurably thanks to the free advice and information which the event gives out."

Mr Thorpe said it was very encouraging to see several new animals and their owners.

He extended his thanks to local veterinary surgeon Ian Mostyn, formerly of Pennine Vets in Tottington, for providing their services on the day. Mr Mostyn was the specialist vet on hand to give a professional opinion and carry out examinations.

Visitors attended the weigh-in between 10.30am and 5.30pm where they were handed leaflets and other information for free.