A DIRTY oven caused problems when its owner tried to cook a pizza in it.

Firefighters were called to Hamilton House in Hanson Street after someone living there had filled the corridors with smoke while trying to cook a pizza.

Watch manager, Stephen Wilcock, said: "When we got there the corridors were lightly smoke-logged after someone had tried to cook a pizza."

He explained fat on the base plate of the oven was hidden by a grill pan which had been left on the bottom of the oven.

As the oven heated up the fat had burnt off and filled the flat and then corridors with smoke.

The crew from Bury Fire Station were called at about 11pm and it took them around 30 minutes to deal with the smoke.

Firefighters used a positive pressure ventilation fan to clear the smoke and a follow up visit is being carried out this morning.

Mr Wilcock added that people should take care when cooking and be aware that a dirty oven can be hazardous.