A PLANNING application for two semi-detached houses at the site of former "eyesore" homes in Prestwich could be given the green light.

Proposals for the properties at the junction of Heys Road and Holyrood Road have been submitted to and validated by Bury Council, and are currently under consideration.

The now vacant site had previously been home to two properties, numbers 131 and 133, which were empty for 10 and 17 years respectively.

After initial difficulties determining the owners of the land, the council entered failed negotiations to force improvement of the properties.

The homes had been left in a "ruinous" condition, upsetting the neighbourhood, and action was taken — with an order to renovate or demolish the houses given in November 2015.

The houses were then pulled down in January 2016 allowing the council to recoup costs by securing them against the land.

However since that date the land has become a hotspot for flytipping and fallen into a state of dilapidation.

The new planning application has been welcomed by residents who said they were glad that something is at last being done about the site.

Hasmukh Patel, aged 65, from Heys Road, who has lived in the area for 38 years, said: "If they get it done soon enough it would be a great help.

"It's an eyesore at the moment. People are dumping things there and


"It has been like that for as long as I can remember, since the houses were knocked down.

"I should think the new homes would help to improve the area but that

remains to be seen."

Helen Jessop, aged 54, from nearby Heywood Road, added: "I'm happy something is being done but it's a shame because they were nice houses in the first place."

"It's been a mess for the last few years and it's nice something is being done."

Another resident, Janine Pierce, aged 30, from Holyrood Road, said:"I'm definitely pleased something is being done. People keep tipping their rubbish there. It's taken enough time.

"Back when the homes were knocked down it disturbed all the rats on the land, so people got rats. And it looks disgusting the way it is."

Issues on the land have also been taken up by ward councillors, who have previously called for council action to encourage owners to clean up the flytipping.

They too are now pleased that a planning application has been put in.

Holyrood Ward Councillor Steve Wright said: "The derelict houses on the corner of Heys Road and Holyrood Road have been an eyesore for decades.

"Even since the council forced the purchase of the sit and demolished the houses the site has been a magnet for flytipping.

"It is absolutely brilliant news that planning permission has now been given for two brand new family homes and I know the long suffering residents will be relieved that the end is in sight for this issue."