CALLING all bikers! A DIY motorbike garage is set to open in Bury this weekend.

Business partners Phil Salter and Matt Phillips came up with the idea for ‘That Bike Place’ about two months ago.

Soon after, they set about transforming a unit at Phoenix House, in Brierley Street, into a biker’s haven.

And their hard work will finally come to fruition on Saturday when the garage will hold a ‘grand opening’ event from 10am-4pm - to which the public is invited.

Mr Salter, aged 60, said: “We have done it very quickly. We have worked together on other projects over the years and Matt saw a gap in the market and we discovered that, as far as we know, there was no one else doing this sort of thing in the UK.

“Everyone we have spoken to without exception has said what a great idea it is. People want to tinker with their bikes but do not have a ramp or space at home.”

Anyone wanting to use the garage is able to book a ramp for an hourly fee and will be provided with a basic set of tools. Specialist tools will also be available to hire for an additional fee.

In addition, That Bike Place will also offer an eco-friendly bike cleaning service, which will use a waterless spray.

And Mr Salter and Mr Phillips say they are hoping to host some basic courses on motorcycle repair and maintenance at some point.

Customers will be able to take advantage of a 10 per cent discount on services during June.

Mr Phillips, aged 43, who is a biker himself, said: “My background is in the motor trade. In 1994 I worked for Rover and Jeep, and in 2004 I was part of the team responsible for setting up the whole smart car network in this country.

"I’ve been in and out of the motor industry ever since. This idea came about during a conversation with a friend who is also a biker when we found out the cost of going to a main dealer and having a chain replaced. It was about £200.

“If people know what they are doing they can do it themselves. We decided to make a facility for them to do that and it has evolved from there. We are doing everything that is bike oriented.

“It is everything that a biker could possibly want.”

To book a ramp call 0161 399 0161.