A SEVEN-year old girl from Tottington is ecstatic to have received a response to a letter she sent to The Queen.

Matilda Brunning, aged 7, wrote to Her Majesty recently to send her best wishes ahead of the monarch's birthday on June 9.

And, last Wednesday, the youngster, who lives in Hilda Avenue and attends St Mary’s C of E in Hawkshaw, received a response in the post, complete with a special Buckingham Palace postage stamp.

The letter, from The Queens's lady-in-waiting, Baroness Richenda Elton, read: "The Queen wishes me to thank you for the letter you sent on the occasion of Her Majesty's ninety-second birthday and for your kind message.

"In another year of special events for The Royal Family, The Queen is most grateful for your thoughtfulness in writing as you did at this time."

Her mother Kimberley, aged 42, says her daughter was made up after learning she had received a response to her letter.

She added: “Matilda wrote a letter wishing her a happy birthday saying she is the best queen ever and drew a picture.

“I posted it to Buckingham Palace and then we received a lovely embossed letter in reply.

“She had spoken about the queen at school and they talked about it being her birthday.

“As a family, we have an interest in the Royal Family and we had a party for the Royal Wedding. I think she showed an interest because it was all around her.