CHILDREN at a Bury primary school brushed shoulders with Scott Quigg when he called in to help with the launch a new health initiative.

The Bury-born fighter called into Guardian Angels RC Primary on Friday to help launch their ‘Daily Mile’ - a national initiative which takes children outside during normal lesson time to run or walk laps of the playground or field for 15 minutes.

The school has recently joined the scheme, which aims to boost fitness and concentration levels, mood and general wellbeing.

Quigg, whose two nephews attend the school, in Leigh Lane, accepted an invitation to speak to pupils and answer questions in a sports-themed assembly, before leading them around the school field for their first mile.

To mark National Sports Week this week, the school are hosting a number of sporting activities to encourage youngsters to become more active.

Collette Howe, head of school at Guardian Angels, said: “The kids really enjoyed it. They gave him a massive cheer when he walked in to the Rocky music.

“They asked him some really good questions such as ‘what does he do to keep fit?’

“He is a local sportsman who they can relate to and are familiar with, so that’s why we invited him in.”

The Daily Mile was originally the brainchild of a Scottish head teacher who started it in 2012. It has been widely praised since and has won several awards, while more than 3,600 schools in 30 countries are said to have taken it up.

The 15 minutes is intended to contribute to the 60 minutes each day recommended by the World Health Organisation.