A BURY sausage company is exhibiting at the Manchester Eats Festival this weekend.

Grandad’s Sausages is run by owners Matthew Woodward and Michael Kershaw.

The firm, which was started by their grandad Bernard, originated in Bury and has been in operation for over fifty years.

Since re-vamping the business around three years ago, they exploded onto the food trends scene and won ‘Best sausage in Manchester’ in 2015’.

Matthew said: "Grandad’s Sausages consider themselves to be ‘gourmet British hotdog slingers’ using handmade sausages made themselves, and sourcing all product and pairing condiments from local suppliers.

"Our most popular food is the ‘Grandad’s Traditional’ and our most unusual being our ‘Heavenly Halloumi Dog’. We have already had several celebrity customers and we are hoping to lure Marco Pierre White in for a sausage at Manchester Eats Festival! Some of our celebrity customers have previously been James Martin, Simon Rimmer, Ainsley Harriot, Vincent Kompany, Paul Scholes - the list goes on and on!"

“We’ve got a huge following in the Greater Manchester Area, it makes sense for us to trade here so to be selected means a lot given it’s our home turf.

“We’re excited to be apart of the foodie movement in Manchester and love bringing the taste of Bury to Greater Manchester and beyond”

“So come over and pay our new Horsebox ‘Maggie’ a visit. Aptly named after Michael's Grandad Bernard's wife Maggie. You can form an orderly queue and wait in anticipation to have your mind BLOWN, by our Gourmet British Hotdogs!”