A KIND-hearted band are set to put on a special gig to raise awareness for Crohn's disease and vital funds for some of the UK's smaller charities.

Bury rockers Manifesto have organised the show at Radcliffe Borough Football Club on November 23 to fundraise for Crohn's and Colitis UK.

The lads were inspired to hold the event as lead singer Jack Johnson's father has been diagnosed with inflammatory disease and through his experience feel that the condition has been sidelined by the general public.

Band guitarist, Kian Talbot, aged 17, from Radcliffe, said: "We decided to organise the gig because our lead singer's dad has Crohn's disease and it really affects his life.

"His life has been based around music and he's the one who practically got us together as a band. He always helps us out and lets us use his stuff, and he wants us to play music like he used to do.

"So we wanted to put something on because we wanted to help people through our talent and felt that smaller charities that mean something to us should be publicised.

"We decided on a fundraiser with two other bands to get everyone together and raise as much money as we can."

Manifesto, comprising lead singer Jack, guitarist Kian, lead guitarist Chris Wilcock, bass guitarist Lucas Culshaw, and drummer Marcus Stansfield; have have only been together for around a year and regularly play gigs around Greater Manchester.

The five-piece will also be supported at the charity gig by two Bury artists ­— singer-songwriter Ben Freeman and young indie-punk band The Monsoons.

The charity gig has already proved such a hit that tickets sold out in less than 24 hours.

And now, owing to the response the band have received for their first gig, they are hoping to put on future events in Manchester with space for more people.

Kian, a former Tottington High School pupil, said: "The sky is the limit for how much we want to raise. We raised £500 just in one day but we want to raise as much as possible.

"We want people to donate to smaller charities as well as the big ones because there are people out there that don't have the money to fund the treatment that they need."

For more on Manifesto follow them on Instagram at @manifesto_uk

For more information on Crohn's and Colitis UK or to donate visit www.crohnsandcolitis.org.uk