NEW classrooms and learning spaces could be built at a school in Radcliffe for young children with autism.

Plans have been submitted for a two-phase work programme at Millwood Primary Special School to create additional classrooms, group rooms, toilets, nurseries, soft play areas and quiet rooms for early years pupils with autism spectrum disorder (ASD).

Millwood Primary, situated off School Street, was opened by Oscar-winning director Danny Boyle in May 2012 to accommodate pupils aged two to 11 who have very complex medical needs, severe learning difficulties and delays, autism, challenging behaviour, epilepsy, communication difficulties, and sensory impairments.

The community special school was designed to provide a building suitable for accommodating an increase to 112 pupils and is based on a 'hub and three wings' design, which includes 16 classrooms.

Bury Council Children's Services has applied to extend the single-storey Whitelow wing to create extra capacity for early years children with ASD.

The first phase of work would be a 72sqm extension consisting of one classroom for eight pupils, as well as a group room, lobby, three toilets, kitchen, and storage space.

The second phase would be a 140sqm extension, also with one classroom for eight pupils, a group room, lobby, a safe space, hygiene room, kitchen, and storage space.

Consideration is also being given to extending the assistant head teacher's office.

Rated Outstanding at its last Ofsted inspection in 2013, the school has a hydrotherapy pool, rebound centre, workshop theatre and two soft themed playrooms for its pupils, as well as other sensory rooms and equipment.

The applicant does not propose increasing the car parking provision from the existing 122 spaces.