A GROUP of pupils at a Radcliffe primary school have had their English SATs results written off after an investigation into claims they were helped in their exams.

The Standards and Testing Agency carried out the probe into the allegations against Gorsefield Primary School, in Robertson Street, in relation to exams sat earlier this year.

It means that a number of pupils have moved on to high school without grades in reading, grammar, punctuation and spelling.

A parent raised their concerns with governors after claiming their child had come home and said they had received help from a teacher during a reading exam.

It is understood that the matter was then referred to Bury Council, and subsequently the STA.

The school wrote a letter to parents before the summer holidays, addressing the issue. It read: “A small number of our children raised questions about this year’s Year 6 SATs reading test.

“Their questions were fully investigated by the local authority and the Department of Education and we are pleased to report that no evidence of wrongdoing was found. We have the children’s scores in school and will share them with Year 6 parents at the end of the school day.

“Year 6 end of year reports will be shared on Monday, July 16.

“The Standards and Testing Agency have advised us that the results of the school will not be published in league tables for reading and spelling.

“We are deeply disappointed and frustrated by their decision but we have been told that their decision is final and that no appeal is possible.”

Forward as One Academy Trust, which runs the school, say they informed the STA when the concern was raised.

A spokesman for the Department for Education said: “Teachers and parents must have confidence in the integrity of the assessment system, which is why we take allegations like this very seriously.

“We are clear that any instances of maladministration are completely unacceptable.

“Following an investigation by the Standards and Testing Agency, key stage 2 English results were annulled for a number of pupils within the cohort at Gorsefield Primary School.

“This will not, however, adversely affect any of the pupils as the school can provide teaching assessment data to show the pupils’ progress in these subjects.”