BURY'S newest MP is taking the reformation of Parliament into his own hands.

James Frith, MP for Bury North, has teamed up with other MPs newly elected in 2017 to argue for reform to make Parliament for effective.

Yesterday Mr Frith launched New Brooms, a series of essays by 11 Labour MPs advocating a shake up of Parliament.

Ideas include electronic voting and proxy voting for MPs and reforming Prime Ministers Questions. Last year, 36 hours after his youngest son Bobby was born Mr Frith had to leave his wife Nikki, to vote in Parliament. At the time he questioned why there could not be a proxy vote for MPs in some instances.

Mr Frith announced New Brooms in an article in The Times yesterday, saying: "The ideas proposed by my colleagues and I include immediate and longer-term reforms, but all can (we hope) form the basis for the debate and decisions to come."