A CAFÉ bar handed a written warning following a series of complaints will today learn whether its application to relax the terms of its licence will be granted.

Bosses at Crowded House, in Manchester Road, want to allow customers to take alcoholic drinks in glasses and bottles to an outside seating area.

And they also want to remove a condition that states the outdoor furniture has to be removed and stored away from the public no later than 7pm.

However enforcement chiefs have warned the establishment — owned by Boxed Ltd — both verbally and in writing after receiving complaints it was not sticking to the conditions of its licence.

Bury Council’s licensing hearing panel will come to a decision this afternoon after hearing evidence at a town hall meeting.

An application to remove the two conditions received by Bury Council sets out the case for relaxing the conditions of the licence.

It says: “The removal of conditions 3 and 4 would allow our customers to enjoy the seated area at the front of the premises.

“Smokers in the evening would remain seated under umbrellas, conversations would therefore be at a lower level, thus reducing the risk of disturbance to the neighbourhood. We are a family restaurant that has been operating for nearly three years with no incidents of bad behaviour or violence."

It adds: “The police have never had to attend. We are not a late night bar, the restaurant closes at 10pm on a week day and 11pm at the weekend, we sell alcohol responsibly and take great care in preventing disturbance to our neighbourhood.”

However, a report from Alexander O’ Farrell of the council’s licensing authority, objects to the application, spelling out the complaints and enforcement action taken against Crowded House since 2016.

In May of that year the venue’s premises licence holder was given a verbal warning after a complaint that outdoor furniture had not been put away after 7pm.

The same resident complained again in August 2016 and the authority’s deputy licensing manager warned the café’s designated premises supervisor Johanne Banks that there would be further enforcement action if conditions were not adhered to.

Further complaints were made by residents over the operation of noisy roller shutters, furniture being left in front of the premises adding to parking problems on Manchester Road and alarms sounding in the premises.

Some complaints were denied and described as "vexatious" by David Banks, the venue's designated licence holder.

But licensing chiefs issued a written warning after observing furniture set-up outside the premises at 9.30pm following further complaints from residents.

Bury Council's licensing hearing panel meets at the town hall at 1pm to decide on the application.