DOZENS of Yorkstone paving slabs have been stolen from homes in Bury and Radcliffe.

Yorkstone is made from a variety of sandstone that is quarried in Yorkshire, and is used across the country for paving outside properties.

But its high value means it has become popular with thieves.

One Bury resident said she awoke to find that crooks had made off with an entire row of flagstones from outside her front door.

Irene Taylor, of Gigg Lane, said: "I opened the door and wondered what on earth had happened. There was just a load of mud.

"All of the slabs on the pathway which lead to the front door had completely disappeared.

"They were there the night before and I didn't hear a single noise during the night. It was so windy.

"They had taken maybe 10 paving stones in total, of different sizes."

Mrs Taylor, who has been a tenant at the property for five years, was on her way to meet someone when she made the discovery.

The paving stones had been lifted from the pathway leading to the front door, and manoeuvred out of a metal gate.

Mrs Taylor reported the theft to the police on Friday, September 21, after the slabs were stolen in the early hours of that morning.

Yorkstone was also stolen from properties in Rupert Street, Radcliffe, between 5am and 7am on Friday.

Police said the thefts do not appear to be linked.

A spokeswoman for Greater Manchester Police said: "The incident in Gigg Lane has been reported to us.

"No arrests have been made at this time.

"The incidents do not appear to be linked."