A CAFE bar has had the conditions it operates under relaxed despite a panel being told it had been “flying in the face” of licensing rules.

Crowded House, in Manchester Road, was given a written warning by Bury Council licensing chiefs in July, after it was found to be breaching its licence by leaving tables and chairs outside after 7pm.

But the venue has now been granted permission to leave the furniture in place until 10pm, as the panel strove to “strike a balance” between neighbours concerns and customer service.

Patrons will not, however, be able to take alcoholic drinks in glasses and bottles outside.

The decision came after a licensing hearing committee heard evidence from enforcement officer Alexander O’Farrell.

Mr O’Farrell told the committee about a number of complaints spanning the last two years and how, in July, officers had seen furniture set up outside.

He said added: “There are worse premises in Bury and some would say it’s only outdoor furniture. But a breach of licensing conditions is a criminal offence punishable by fines or imprisonment. It flies in the face of the licensing objective to prevent crime and disorder.”

Licence holder David Banks admitted the venue had failed to adhere to the condition, but this was purely in an attempt to provide a service to customers.

He added: “We’ve never had a single problem through drunkenness or disorder.

“I understand people’s concerns from across the road that they think we are been noisy bringing tables and chairs in, but there really haven’t been any incidents.”