UNPACK those flip flops!

Bury is set to bask in a mini-heatwave tomorrow with temperatures rivalling the likes of Madrid, Athens and Sydney.

The weather has been topsy-turvy this year and now summer is expected to return for one last blast this week.

On Tuesday temperatures are set to hit highs of 18 degrees but on Wednesday the mercury is set to hit as high as 22 degrees - the same as Spain, Greece and Australia.

But the unseasonably warm weather could be short lived with forecasters predicting more unsettled weather towards the end of the week.

By Thursday, while temperatures are expected to stay around 19 degrees, forecasters are warning of a mix of rain and cloud.

And the outlook is just as miserable with the five day forecast full of more rain predictions.

Looking ahead, the Met Office says there is an increasing chance that the weather will turn more settled as high pressure re-establishes.

Temperatures are expected to return to their seasonal norms by November.