A MAN who came to the aid of victims of the Manchester Arena Bombing has been jailed for an attack which left a man with life-changing injuries.

Jon-paul Entwistle, 28, of Seedfield Road, was sentenced to 15 months in jail, after a jury in June had failed to reach a verdict of intentionally causing grievous bodily harm.

Entwistle subsequently pleaded guilty to a lesser charge of committing grievous bodily harm to Daniel Cull on December 9, 2017.

The court heard that Mr Cull had gone out for a session of late night drinks with friends in Bury last December, but at 3.40am had been asked to leave Hops Bar, Silver Street, because of his drunken state.

Rachel Faux, prosecuting, said Entwistle adopted a fighting stance as he approached Mr Cull. He hit him with his left fist to the right of his face, which resulted in Mr Cull falling backwards, hitting his head on the pavement and fracturing his skull.

Dad-of-four Mr Cull was taken to hospital where surgeons operated to relieve a bleed on the brain and following that he was put into a medically induced coma for nine days.

A victim impact statement from Mr Cull’s partner said the attack had left him barely able to walk, hard of hearing, having a speech impediment and left him slathering and spitting. The Bury Times understands that  Entwistle was employed as a member of the security personnel on the night of the Manchester Arena terror attack, which resulted in the deaths of 22 people.

Robin Kitching, defending, said Entwistle had struggled to come to terms with the Manchester Arena explosion after coming to the assistance of some of the victims and injured on the night.

As a result of that night Entwistle had been drinking larger amounts of alcohol to deal with the stress and anxiety he kept inside.

Mr Kitching said: “He didn’t go back to work after the bombing although he did think he could cope. He underestimated the events of that night because of an element of not wanting to admit weakness.”

Mr Kitching said he eventually sought help to deal with post traumatic stress disorder he was suffering from in November last year.

He added: “Mr Entwistle expresses his profound regret for what happened and his devastation at the long-term consequences of what he did on that night.”

Judge Richard Gioserano said: “It was not weakness to be affected by what you experienced on that night at the Manchester Arena, but you did exacerbate your condition and grossly over reacted in drink.”